The Best Apartment Decorating Theme for Your Lifestyle

No two apartments are alike, and within each is something that makes it fit the owner like hand in glove. Whether the design is just what you need to relax or the build just suits your lifestyle, your apartment says more about you than you could ever imagine. Who knows, reading about it may even spark new decorating ideas. Which apartment best suits your needs?

  1. Rustic

You look up do-it-yourself and how-to articles before ever stepping into an appliance store. You have a workshop in your apartment that almost looks like a garage. Your idea of the perfect gift is a can of shoe polish or a coffee grinder with a hand crank. If decorating is your thing, you probably already have quilted designs and hand-painted signs screaming for wall space. Your creations will feel perfectly at home amongst old wooden furniture and stained metal accents. Your favorite craft fair finds will sit naturally next to your more functional decorations.

  1. Cozy

Your home is your haven. Your favorite spot on the couch is in reach of blankets, fuzzy pillows, snacks, and your favorite movies. In sight are pictures and posters that make you smile, puzzles, games, and anything else you may need. To make it all coordinate, you will have to give in to the chaos a little bit. Don’t worry too much about theme, and let your apartment be one big splash of color. Let your shelves get covered with friendly knick knacks, just remember to leave room to breathe.

  1. Color-Coordinated

You scream at the sight of a yellow accent pillow on a leather couch. You may keep around certain old objects for sentimental value but can never find a place to put them. Each room needs its own theme color, or even better, the whole apartment. Choose carefully as it will not be cheap to replace. Your mismatched items can be tucked away in a charming but well-coordinated drawer.

  1. Low-Maintenance

You don’t care too much for how your apartment is decorated so long as you don’t have to spend too much time cleaning it. You have a cheap throw rug protecting the carpet, coasters on the tables, and a very thorough dishwasher. If you have people over on occasion, it may be nice to put something on the walls. A free calendar and magazine posters will do.

  1. Social

Perhaps the most tricky apartment atmosphere to pull off, this look is not stuffy or unkempt. It has just enough mess that guests are not afraid of making a mess, themselves. There is plenty of room to sprawl around, and plenty of things to do. The apartment is a paradise of clear, open tables and games to set on them. The kitchen has clearly marked snacks and beverages for guests to indulge on. The private parts of the apartment are tucked away in the back while the meeting area is open and welcoming. If you manage to pull this off, please send an invite.

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