St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

We’ve been celebrating this holiday since childhood by pinching our friends or siblings who weren’t wearing green, then getting in trouble by an adult, and it continued into adulthood where we use this holiday to rummage through town celebrating by grabbing a cold drink. One can wonder where this holiday originated from and how it became a day of wearing green and sharing libations, well, after some research by yours truly, I have found some interesting facts!

So everyone knows St. Patty’s day originated from Ireland but how? When? and Why? Turns out St. Patrick’s day is a day when the Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick, passed away in 461 A.D. To commemorate his religious achievements during the 5th century, it became a holiday to celebrate him.

In America, St. Patrick’s day became popular with the growing Irish immigrants and New York officially held the first parade in 1762, kicking off a tradition in the U.S. In Chicago, the city dyes the Chi-town river green to show its contribution to the holiday every year. In almost every major city in the U.S, there has been an annual bar crawl for those of us who can enjoy adult beverages, which tends to be extremely fun and at times crazy!

Interestingly enough, Saint Patrick isn’t even Irish! He was actually born in Wales, which is current day Scotland. There are many myths regarding to this holiday and one of them includes the color green and its association to St. Patty’s Day. The knights in the order of the Saint originally wore blue but green became popular during the Irish Independence back in the 18th century. So it may be safe to wear blue for those who don’t have green? But then again, I wouldn’t risk getting pinched all day!

With all that said now it’s time to celebrate! Here are some places to go and eat this St. Patrick’s day weekend:

  • Sweet St. Patrick’s Day Treats at Cupcakes Actually @ 11944 Grand Commons Avenue, Fairfax
  • Ireland’s Four Provinces @ 105 W. Broad St., Falls Church
  • Kate’s Irish Pub @ 6131 Backlick Road, Springfield


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