Make the Most of Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is one of those things that some people dread each year but can make all the difference in your home so pull back your curtains and read these tips on making sure your home is spic and span for the rest of the year!

  1. Make sure you clean off those cabinets! Dust and grim can build up from cooking on the outside and boy what a difference a good wipe down can make!
  2. Get those stainless steel appliances clean clean clean!  Using a good wax based aerosol spray can really spruce up the faded shine stainless gets. 
  3. Bathroom tile – enough said! The soap scum build up is just one beast, then add in discolored grout! Clean it all with a tile cleaner with a neutral pH on the label or make a homemade cleaner out of baking soda and water: 1/2 c. baking soda for every 2 gallons of water. 
  4. Who ever said shopping was a bad thing? But your closet is stuffed and something has to give. Find those clothes you don’t need or wear anymore. There are many local charities willing to take your used clothing. Plus, once you see more clearly what you wear every day you can organize all of your items for easier access. 
  5. Nobody thinks to clean the inside of their washing machine but it can help make sure your clothes continue coming out great! Run the machine with hot water and let it sit for approximately 1 hour with cleaning agents, then finish the cycle. Be sure to wipe the machine dry after!
  6. Your bedding is another MUST for spring cleaning. Get those comforters dry cleaned for an extra deep clean. Your sheets and pillowcases should already be getting washed every few weeks, you didn’t forget did you?!
  7. Not to mention, steam clean your mattress! They get all kinds of dust bunnies in them that have allergens and everything! 
  8. Your shelving and all those hard to reach places. Get your duster ready because it can get a real workout behind all those books, on your ceiling fan, and baseboards, just to name a few. 
  9. Your broom is constantly collecting little cling ons that never seem to want to go away! Give your broom a swish in some warm soapy water to loosen those unwanted clumps of dust.
  10. Get your carpets professionally cleaned each year, including your area rugs. Over the course of a year so much dirt get pushed deep down into your carpets, even if you vacuum regularly. 
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