Indoor Dogs – The Best Dog Breeds for Your Home

Apartment Dogs

Many things make a dog ideal for apartment living, especially in a pet friendly apartment. Small stature is an obvious first but the dog’s energy level is significantly more important depending on the owner’s lifestyle. If the dog is sharing close quarters with children, cats, or strangers, everyone will be happier if the dog is easy-going. A quieter household may prefer a more loyal, affectionate breed. Lastly, it is vital that the dog has the right temperament for an apartment, comfortable to relax at home all day and not get into too much trouble. None of these dogs are too naughty, but some require more play time than others.

1. Coton de Tulear

Coton De Tular
For the apartment owner hoping for a cat and a dog, there could not be a better option than this sweet little creature. On the weekends, the coton de tulear loves to play fetch and go for walks. During the weekday, it will happily catch up on sleep. Their demeanor is generally happy and relaxed, perfect for meeting strangers and playing carefully with other pets.

2. Bulldog

Best Apartment Dogs French Bulldog

Nobody loves an afternoon nap like a bulldog. Or a late morning nap, or an evening nap, or a day-long snoozefest. Perfect for a dog-owner on the go, this breed is perfectly happy lazing the day away. When the owner is home, this dog is sweet, gentle, and affectionate. While not known for their dashing looks, these wrinkly-faced creatures have their own special charm.

3. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

These little critters need a lot of love. They can run and jump and chase and wrestle for seeming hours on end, meaning they need someone at home to keep them busy. One thing that makes them perfect for apartment living is the lack of excess hair. The bichon frise does shed, but not nearly as much as its relatives do. Dog lovers with minor allergies will appreciate having one of these snowballs around, especially in tight spaces.

4. Greyhound 


Apartment Dogs Greyhound
For the apartment owner looking for a larger dog, the greyhound is the best bet. Averaging 68 pounds, these critters love to run and play in wide spaces. If they get enough energy out in the mornings and evenings, however, they will happily rest throughout the work day. Easy-going and friendly, greyhounds often have healthy friendships with smaller pets.

5. Chihuahua

Chihuahua_Apartment Dog

These itty bitty dogs are perfect for a small apartment. Chihuahuas don’t need a large space to run around in, and in fact require very minimal exercise. They are loyal and cuddly, but don’t appreciate surprise visitors. Getting to know new people can be a stressful and lengthy process, and there may be barking, growling, or even biting in the meantime. For a lone homeowner, however, they couldn’t be more perfect.

6. Dachshund

Apartment Dogs Dachshund

With precious little legs, these energetic little buds will happily tire themselves out just running around the apartment. Though they love fresh air as much as any other creature, some are kept as entirely indoor pets. Their endearing appearance makes them easy to fall in love with.

7. Maltese

Maltese Apartment Dog

These little lovebugs enjoy hanging around at home so long as there is someone to stay home with them. Separation anxiety is a common problem faced by this breed. Their long, beautiful coats come with a hidden perk: almost no shedding. Maltese dogs are tons of fun to take to the groomer or to play at home with. 

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