5 Surprising Places to Find Your Apartment Furniture

Where is the first place you think of to purchase furniture for your apartment? Chances are your immediate thought was the furniture store. The fact is most of the pieces you may find there, from couches to dressers to bedside tables, is extremely generic and just as overpriced. To find something special, unique, or at least affordable, you may have to get creative. Some of these places may not immediately come to mind, but each has its own special furniture selection that is worth checking out.

For-Sale Sites

Instead of dragging their old pieces over to a used furniture store, many people choose to post their items to Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay all facilitate furniture sales between individuals just to name a few. If they don’t receive any offers right away, many will let their furniture go for a lower price. It can be fun and almost addictive to scroll through the items.

Garage Sale

Garage Sales

There are a plenty of reasons to host a garage sale, from making more room in the house to thinning down before a big move. Sometimes the furniture that ends up at the garage sale is the least portable and therefore the most valuable. In other cases, the furniture for sale isn’t strictly the most practical but is definitely the coolest.

Thrift Stores

As unique as the clothes that give thrift stores their flare, the furniture in the back is often very quirky. The more ordinary pieces, which also populate the store, cost only a fraction of their actual worth. Thrift stores are built for thrift, so they are a great place to stumble on a great deal.

Try Second Chance located at 4055 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax VA 22030. They donate all sales to helping shelter and rescue animals find forever homes.

Antique Stores

Not everything that makes its way into an antique store is an antique, but every single piece on display has something special about it. The older furniture that has lasted through the decades is of hearty make and almost guaranteed to last a lifetime. Other, newer pieces are chosen for their unique style or rustic appeal. Though sometimes overpriced, antique store furniture is worth the time to examine.

Antique Stores Fairfax is a great resource for finding these stores. 

Furniture Outlets

The main difference between a furniture store and an outlet is that the furniture from the outlet comes as-is. The couch that you see on the store floor may be the only one available. In some cases, there are a few varieties in the back, but custom orders are out of the question. An official furniture store will let you pick the material and rotation of the furniture as well as which accessories come with it. Still, you might just happen upon your dream furniture sitting on the outlet floor for half the in-store price.

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